Snuffle Mats

The snuffle mat imitates a hunt for food in nature, encouraging pets to forage which satisfies intellectual curiosity. Slows eating and aids in digestion. Mental stimulation. Helps reduce stress, boredom, and destructive behaviors. Simulates foraging for food. Great place to curl up and snuggle down. 

Great for dogs, cats, rabbits, and ferrets. Recommended items to hide inside. Dry kibble, treats, cat nip, or freeze-dried food/treats/veggies.

Precautions- no toy is indestructible. Please supervise your pet, making sure they are foraging and not tearing or destroying it.

Mat- heavy duty thick rubber. Fabric- Fleece

Clean- take outside and hose down allowing to air dry. If it's really dirty you can soak it in a solution of 50/50 water and vinegar, or water and a squirt of dawn dish soap, allow for it to soak then rinse off and allow to air dry.

Snuffle Mat Level 1/2


Size 9 X 9

Level 1/2- short fabric. great for small pets or for traveling, its perfect for the road.

Snuffle Mat level 1


Size- 1ft X 1ft

Level 1- short fabric. Great for small and medium pets. Pets who are new to puzzles or foraging.

Snuffle Mat level 2


Size- 1ft X 1ft

Level 2- long fabric. Great for medium and large pets. Pets who are use to puzzles, foraging and enjoy a challenge.