Fees and Conditions

Here you can read and learn about all of our Fees and Condition's that could affect your total cost or services.



  • All holidays will cost double per visit or walk. this includes any other fees on this day being doubled as well.
  • Medication- this fee happens every visit a medication is applied. No injections no exception's.
  • Gas- this is applied with the house is over 10 miles from the base radius in Durand MI.
  • Handling- if the pet is showing any behavioral issues that cause the walk or pet sit to be irregular. such as pulling, fear, reactivity, hiding, ext.
  • Nighttime visits- anything from 9pm to 6am is considered a nighttime visit. these are doubled.
  • Unscheduled/Unexpected visits- any unscheduled or unexpected visits that happen or are requested will be double the base cost.


If the weather conditions are severe for the person or the dog. the walk or visit will be rescheduled or canceled. this includes but is not limited to; heavy snow fall, torrential rain fall, thunderstorms, high winds, extreme temperature (hot and cold), ext.

If the walker/sitter is unavailable a second person may be available.