Dominique Tullar

Hi, my name is Dominique Tullar. I was raised in Byron Michigan. I was apart of the FFA for 4 years. I've owned a wide variety of animals growing up and was always in love with animals and learning more about them. 2020 I got a Austrailan Cattle Dog who pushed me further down the rabbit hole and i began to earn certificaes and further my education with animals.

Pets I have owned & Family Pets

Canines- beagle, bullmastiff, Australian cattle dog/ Australian shepherd, border collie.

Felines- Tonkinese, Maine coon tuxedo, silver tabby domestic short hair.

Amphibian/Reptiles- red eared slider turtle, leopard gecko, speckled black salamander.

Other Mammals- teddy bear hamster, chinchilla, Himalayan rabbit.

My Favorite...

Color: Blue, Dog Breed: Australian cattle dog and newfoundland, Cat Breed: Tonkinese, Animal: Jaguar, Bird: Golden Eagle, Sea Creature: Epaulette Shark, Hobby: writing and videogaming, Movie: the lion king and 101 Dalmatians.

My Certificate's.

Pupford 30-day perfect pup

Completed with my dog Belobog

Earned in 2020

Pet First Aid 

Earned in 2020

Loose Leash Dog Walking 

Earned in 2020

Careers with Animals

Earned in 2020

Dog Socialization and Obedience MasterClass

Earned in 2020

Dog Walking

Earned in 2021

Introduction to Being a Dog Trainer

Earned in 2022

Pet Sitting

Earned in 2022

Canine Communication

Earned in 2022

Natural Home Cleaning

Earned in 2022

My Qualifications

I worked at a Dog daycare, hotel and spa in the year of 2021. I tended to the dog day care and boarding aspects. handling 20 small dogs to 30 large dogs at a time. I handled breakfast, potty time, playtime, and cleanup of the dog's environment. I also tended to 1 cat at a time doing all the same activities. 

I stared working at a grooming salon in the year of 2022.

I have been pet sitting client's pets since 2015. I have been dog walking client's pets since 2020.

The business has been operating since 2022.